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WCS is a full-service land management company that offers a wide range of services with equipment and labor in any terrain.  We are innovative leaders in the pipeline and utility maintenance business and we believe in building a culture of discipline in our staff.  Creating a mentality that good is not great and that safety is the ultimate precedence that has accredited WCS to attain an impeccable safety record and great customer satisfaction.  Our commitment to greatness and eagerness to test our own practices places WCS as one of the finest contractors of the region.  From small scale to large scale jobs, we handle it cautiously and smoothly.

Our Services Include

  • Clearing of New Right of Way for Pipelines and utility companies

  • Right of Way and Railroad Vegetation Maintenance

  • Industrial and Utility Site Maintenance

  • Storm and Disaster Response

  • Herbicide Application by air, land and/or water


We cater to all projects and companies, big or small. As small as pulling bucket trucks out of fields to repairing sidewalks that might have been destroyed - we can do it!


Weed Control Services LLC. was established in 2001  in New Iberia, LA to provide full-service land management. In the past few years, and due to the increase in demand for our services, WCS has extended services throughout Louisiana.


WCS has a calling to be a leader in our industry by creating a culture that forces continuous greatness at all stages. This culture of discipline helps drive the company by cultivating a permanent mindset of safety and a focal point on a satisfied client. Greatness is the standard and Safety is our number one priority.

About Us

We Are Strategically Located

Louisiana Map (WCS Locations highlighted)

Our Lafayette headquarters are located along the interstate 10 and Interstate 49 corridor, which gives us quick response time for services needed in southern Louisiana.  We have multiple different construction yards to cover the remaining territory with one located in Winnfield which covers the Northern territory and another in New Iberia which helps with services needed along the coast.


Our locations are strategically located so that we can be available to assist our clients in a timely manner.  

WCS Pointer 2.png
WCS Pointer 2.png
WCS Pointer 2.png

Our commitment to greatness and the eagerness to test our own practices places WCS as


Why Choose Us?

We have the Equipment

We have the People

We have the Location

As a company, we’re proud of our impeccable record of Safety, both for our staff and the environment within which we work. We have a strong aggressive approach to safety and continually evaluate the risk and adapt procedures accordingly.


Our Staff is our largest asset and they are viewed as the forefront of safety management. Continuous training is provided to them to promote and enhance safety awareness. Our site managers are schooled in safety and are assisted by our team of health and safety professionals who are always on hand to provide support for training, advice and regulatory compliance checks. The end result for each project is to complete with Zero Accidents while delivering the best service.

Compliance management through ISNetworld, Veriforce, and Avetta.



Clearing a new right of way for pipelines or utilities is not an easy undertaking. Each project has different requirements; some may require heavy machinery and others may require the work to be done with hand tools. We have the experience and tools required to achieve any needs of our customers. Our employees are experienced in getting the job done with the absolute best quality and quickest delivery.

Right of Way and Railroad Vegetation Maintenance requires the skills and experience of Project Managers and Operators. Effective management under tight deadlines and small margins is challenging and crucial to any project’s success. Maintenance programs are filled with unique challenges, which are demanding and incorporate extensive knowledge to execute the work in a timely manner by keeping the environmental footprint in mind. We maintain a brush free right of way with no obstructions from land or water to sky.

Industrial and Utility Site Maintenance is often a multiphase, complex job that requires solid management across many disciplines. We can handle sites from one acre to thousands of acres. We have dedicated crews and keep a wide variety of tools and equipment to ensure that we deliver the highest quality and safety possible.

Storm and Disaster Response team is ready to help in any way possible. Our crews are fully dedicated and trained to respond quickly for tree removal, debris removal, and any other service that our clients may need that would pertain to our equipment or people. When a natural disaster strikes, a coordinated and prompt response is critical to reduce the damage and impact to your business. While it is impossible to predict when a natural disaster will strike, it is possible to prepare and plan for it.


Herbicide Application by air, land or water is offered with WCS. Before we write our herbicide program, we determine which products will be needed throughout the service area. Later, we tailor the prescription to suit our customer specific needs. Our team considers wildlife and is sensitive to the surroundings before choosing which herbicides and how to apply. We strive to ensure vegetation is managed efficiently and effectively.


Our drones allow us to access difficult sites, precise spot spraying, accurate spray record, and minimize the disturbance of the surroundings.

Our Equipment

Some of the Equipment we have available to provide services:

  • Excavators

  • Track Loaders

  • Skid Steer Loaders

  • Front End Loader

  • Tractors

  • ATV Units

  • Prinoth Tracked Carriers

  • ARDCO Buggies

  • Yanmar Tracked Carriers

  • Pettibone

  • Barko

  • AMT Buggies

  • Airboat

  • Loftness Kwik - Trim (Jarraff - 54 ft)

  • Jarraff (75 ft)

  • Dozer

  • Dump Truck

  • Drone

  • Marsh Buggy

  • Wood Chipper

  • Trenchers

WCS Power Tools
WCS Airboat
WCS Land Clearing
Utility land clearing
WCS Tree Trimming
Refinery Clearing of Right-of-way
High-Quality Reliable Equipment 
 Satisfaction Guaranteed
Impeccable Safety Record
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Whether you need full-service management or just a few A La Carte Services here and there

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